Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snot Beast V.2 update!

They're done! I will release them as packs of two figures for $18.50, each pair will come with a water color art card (one of which is my first attempt at watercolor)

Sorry for the lag in updates ive been rather busy moving, and working full time so sadly that leaves little art time.

I will release on august 7th at 9:00PM (pacific time) (my birthday :trooper: )

As always they will be released via my etsy shop here:" rel="nofollow">

We've got stealth snot, purple spray, rot snot, and 2 new metallic (cant see the colors too well in pic.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Snot Beast V.2!

Snot Beast has a snazzy new sculpt and will be released in 3 pairs containing one V.1 and one V.2, with a random watercolor art card. as with my earlier releases they will be bagged with hand drawn header cards. Like i said this run would be different so i thought a new sculpt was in order, kind of a Frankenstein-ish pose.

Thinking of a price point and release date more news soon!

Here's a gray scale teaser for you guys!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New sculpt!

The sculpt ive been keeping under wraps is almost done, so heres a preview of monstersicle the living Popsicle. He is about the average size of a real Popsicle 4 inches or so, ill measure em later.

Will be resin soon waiting on some silicone. im thinking about prices and release dates, mostly i made him to replace the shaman. Since my mold tore ill be putting the shaman project temporarily on the back burner.