Thursday, April 14, 2011


I found a crazy blank toy from roseart the color blanks, nabbed a few up and this one was perfect for skeletor. I hit him up with some polymer sculpted away and painted him up with acrylics and a semi gloss clear coat, metal chain and a cloth cape.

for sale on my etsy shop for $45.00 here:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The birth of toy

I have now been making resin toys for just about one year (will be a year as of may 6th which was the release of my first snot beast)

Over the course of that year i learned a lot i made a lot of resins and wasted even more resin, as i mixed and poured i found i was have excess in the bottom of the cup. I decided to see what would happen and i started just pouring it on cardboard and throwing glitter and wasted resin bits on it a little paint here and there. During that year the experiment grew into a piece i rather enjoyed, i sculpted up a border and “feet” on it to have it stand as a center piece for a dinner table or coffee table.

Point is I am putting it up for sale on my etsy:

it measures about 10in front to back and about 11 inches side to side.

It is now available for you to enjoy and this beast really makes a statement!