Sunday, October 27, 2013

They are live!

Get em here!

The Enemy lands tonight!

Tonight 6pm pacific time! The enemy returns. Classic edition painted run only 5 to be available at this time! 
There will be additional one offs and what not so keep your eyes peeled!

Don't miss out! Bagged n' Tagged $20 unpainted $25 painted!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Enemy is coming!

Been a long while since I posted here last. Things have been mad round here for the last year or so, but I am getting back in the saddle.
A while back now I decided I wanted to do my version of Vac-Man and possibly some of the good guys from said toy line, and with that I got started.

Initial concept head sketch:

Sculpting began:

On to the body and sketching as I tinkered:

Then the sculpt was ready to go a while later:

And finally on to the cast:

Honestly I spent a long time just trying to decide whether or not to cast him at all, this weekend I went for it. Vac-Man was one of my favorites, and that holds true today.
Will be playing with colors and generally getting a handle on all that soon.

For those unfamiliar with Vac-Man, the figure came with a "vacuum pump" with which you sucked the air out of the body, and the material inside gave him a horrid bumpy/bubbly skin texture, which also allowed for stretching and poses that held until you pressed the switch to refill him with air.

Cast in a vibrant orange and painted with acrylics and chalks, this version is dubbed the classic colorway.

Coming this Sunday Oct 27th at 6pm pacific time! The enemy returns. Classic edition painted run only 5 to be available at this time!
There will be additional one offs and what not so keep your eyes peeled!
More info tomorrow including pictures and price!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

He-man's trophy

Seeing as I just got this back from the ceramic shop I made this for, I decided to put it up here. Don't have space to keep everything I make! :mrgreen:
It is a wall hanging ceramic clay piece that I sculpted, modified, and painted as a "Halloween" decoration for the shop. Just a hair over 7 1/2" high by 5" wide.
I painted it with acrylic and chalk, finished with multiple coats of clear to protect it.
This is an original piece and will not be replicated, it is not often I sell original sculpts.

Skeletor face
For international orders only!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One of many

Hey there folks long time dead over here but coming back,

I've found myself using social sites such as Facebook,twitter, Google +, etc.. to do most of the sharing of news. Most of what I do also tends to be posted in a number of forums, October toys,skullbrain,little rubber guys, etc.. and what time I have left between all that and my work in itself I use my webpage

Now that the air is clear as to the reason for my absence on blogger here's a quick blurb about one of many commission projects currently gracing my sculpting table. 


Aside from projects that I am currently not allowed to show I still have multiple projects on my table. One of which is a very fun sculpt for an up and coming punk type magazine.
It is Elephant Nosebleed, I was lucky enough to not only be sculpting their piece but doing the design work and the casting for said piece. Right now we are pretty far from done on their sculpt although I have made many changes here is the most recent WIP picture. As well here is the design.
All in all a very fun project.
You can (and very well should) hit the Elephant nosebleed Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for some mind melting publications. :Click Here:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Commission information

To all those who may be looking to get a sculpt done for a toy, a bust, a statue . . . Whether it is going resin or vinyl I currently am open again to take on commissions.
One slot left open for this month, two slots for March.

On a side note I also am fully capable of running resin production for your figure, no limit on small orders, I have a pressure pot that can accommodate pretty large pieces.

Send me an email to work out the details

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NUKED! resin minifigures

Release information! dropping this friday Jan13th at 4pm
10 sets violet glow
10 sets green glow
10 sets black
Each set will be $20+sh
They will come bag and header style all signed and numbered.
Buy 3 sets or more and get free shipping!!