Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One of many

Hey there folks long time dead over here but coming back,

I've found myself using social sites such as Facebook,twitter, Google +, etc.. to do most of the sharing of news. Most of what I do also tends to be posted in a number of forums, October toys,skullbrain,little rubber guys, etc.. and what time I have left between all that and my work in itself I use my webpage www.papagrimtoys.com

Now that the air is clear as to the reason for my absence on blogger here's a quick blurb about one of many commission projects currently gracing my sculpting table. 


Aside from projects that I am currently not allowed to show I still have multiple projects on my table. One of which is a very fun sculpt for an up and coming punk type magazine.
It is Elephant Nosebleed, I was lucky enough to not only be sculpting their piece but doing the design work and the casting for said piece. Right now we are pretty far from done on their sculpt although I have made many changes here is the most recent WIP picture. As well here is the design.
All in all a very fun project.
You can (and very well should) hit the Elephant nosebleed Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for some mind melting publications. :Click Here: