Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grocery store toy review: darkness warriors


So our local Thriftway grocers has a small KO toy section, I just so happen to find so much charm in knockoffs bootlegs etc.. no matter how odd. I buy them often but this guy screamed for documentation. The card simply says Darkness Warriors with some pictures of the other toys along with caution ramblings.

See what i mean? wonderful crap that just begs to be torn off the peg and played with! I suppose that is what i do find so charming about a KO no background story rarely a name and often as in this case more accessories than you can shake a stick at!

In scale with imaginext: well sorta

Much more so with the figures from the beginning of their lines and just the perfect size for play.

As for mentioned accessories up the kazoo, not really all seemingly belonging to him but well sculpted and crazy morbid details. The skeletal hand staff is a very soft pvc-esque plastic as is the cage the rest a harder plastic to be similar to a green army man.


Articulated at his waist that makes me cringe and feel asthough the soft pvc he is made off may rip, the arms however swivel quite well.

All in all I love this figure! very little paint work what it does have is sloppy at best, what else can i expect from this much toy for $1.99? If you enjoy KO as much as i do i recommend picking some of these buggers up if you can find them they have a very ram-man-esque one at the store i will be picking up asap.



    Theres one on this site.