Saturday, June 11, 2011

FOEZ!#2 Podiagon is here!!

I am happy to present the second figure in our FOEZ figure line...Podiagon!

He weighs in at ten and a half ounces of resin, is five and a half inches high. He sports four points of articulation, and a removable Sludge Gun accessory.

This figure blows Skekiltor away! You can see in the photos below the side by side comparison. Podiagon is bigger, articulated and just plain awesome.

He comes in a bag, with header art by Me

You can order him at our Shop here!

We will have solid colorways available in the coming week.

I will be posting up more painted examples, and better photos as the week goes on. We really want to explore the diversity of this figure, and you will see some wild stuff in our gallery and shop.

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